DRIVERS (2012-2015) is a three-year research project funded by the 7th Framework Programme. It aims to understand and promote health equity through policy and practice in early childhood development, employment & working conditions, and income & social protection.

DRIVERS for health equity graphics

DRIVERS main activities include:

  • Scientific reviews, bringing together existing knowledge and testing theories about how early childhood, employment & working conditions, and income & social protection affect health inequalities.
  • Novel data analyses using cohort and survey data, focus groups and interviews.
  • Assessment of existing research methodologies and development of more effective ones.
  • Research on advocacy for health equity, and development of more effective means of advocating effectively.
  • Case studies across Europe, individually tailored to context.
  • Development of recommendations for policy, research and practice.

The research is being undertaken by a consortium including leading research centres and organisations representing the public health sector, civil society and businesses. Collectively they contribute to case studies and apply participatory approaches to ensure that outcomes are grounded in socio-economic realities. With EU project and policy expertise, EuroHealthNet co-ordinates the project and leads on advocacy and dissemination.


European policy makers support DRIVERS solutions to tackle health inequalities

Feb 8, 2015
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