DRIVERS case studies

Early child development

  • Sure Start and the Universal Medical Visitation Service: Providing caregivers in highly disadvantaged areas access to a Children’s House (Family, Child, Youth Association, Hungary)
  • Toybox: Enhancing social, educational, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development to traveller family children (Northern Ireland Early Years)
  • Theotokos Centre: Childcare and support for single Roma mothers (Faculty of Sociology and Social Work – University of Cluj, Romania)
  • Longitudinal birth and child cohort study: Assessing and comparing the impact of specific early childhood programmes in Scotland (Children in Scotland)
  • The Family Network Austria: Targeted referral services aimed at families in need with children aged 0-2 (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH)

Fair employment

  • Reducing social inequalities in return to work among disabled persons: How a well-developed national vocational rehabilitation policy can improve return to work of people with spinal cord injury (Swiss Paraplegic Research Centre/University of Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • Employer interventions that make a positive difference to those with barriers to work: Interviews with employers and businesses to find out how they support people who face significant barriers to (re-)enter the labour market (Business In The Community, UK)
  • Job coaching in Ready for Work: Data analysis of this UK-based back to work scheme, focusing on job coaching and other elements that appear to show promise in terms of supporting people to (re-)enter the labour market (Business In The Community, UK/University of Dusseldorf, Germany).

Income & social protection

  • Experience of social protection systems - Youth & long-term unemployed adults (Hungarian Anti-Poverty Network)
  • Experience of social protection systems - Youth & former drug and alcohol users and/or homeless people (European Anti-Poverty Network (Poland))
  • Experience of social protection systems - Youth & people with experience of addiction and in recovery (The Poverty Alliance, Scotland)
  • Experience of social protection systems - Youth & Single parent families, NEETS, and people with drug and alcohol problems (Swedish Single Parents’ Organisation)
  • Experience of social protection systems - Youth & disadvantaged groups (long-term unemployed, precariously employed, living in poverty, ethnic minorities) (EAPN Portugal)
  • Unemployment of recent graduates in the Canary Islands: Examining how youth unemployment has affected recent graduates in the Canary Islands, and factors that protect or put at greater risk unemployed graduates' health (University of La Laguna, Spain)


  • Health 2015: Improving inter-sectoral co-operation on Health 2015 to improve health equity (The National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland)
  • Advocacy elements in an intervention on child poverty & health: Developing an advocacy strategy to promote a child health intervention for disadvantaged families (Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement)
  • Think Family: Analysing advocacy arguments used to promote a programme at local and national level (Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, England)
  • Food aid & healthy nutrition programme: Developing advocacy arguments to promote a programme which provides nutritious and free school meals to children in deprived areas of Greece (Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental & Occupational Health, Greece)
  • Mental Health First Aid: Examining advocacy concerning a programme to increase detection and treatment of mental health problems in the workplace (Public Health Wales)
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