“The Right Start to a Healthy Life: Levelling-up the Health Gradient Amongst Children, Young People and Families in the European Union – What Works?” is now on-line!

GRADIENT Book (cover)In all EU countries there is a systematic correlation between level of health and social status - a step-wise decrease in health that comes with decreasing social position. This correlation exists amongst children and young people as well as amongst adults. These social gradients in health are harmful and unjust, particularly when it comes to children and young people, since adversity during the early years negatively impacts on health across the life-course.

This book aims to improve knowledge on what can be done to level-up gradients in health. It is based on research undertaken during GRADIENT, a project funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme. On the basis of concrete examples and national comparisons, it identifies measures that can be taken to level socio-economic gradients in health.

It looks at:

  • Political and welfare-state factors
  • How universal policies on social protection, education and health systems can contribute to reducing gradients in health
  • Why social community capital matters
  • The importance of monitoring the distributional effects of all policies
  • The Gradient Evaluation Framework
  • The role of the EU in tackling social gradients in health

The book provides final recommendations for policy makers and practitioners to ensure that all children and young people in the EU get the right start to a healthy life.

Download the book.

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