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Past issues of the DRIVERS newsletter may be accessed below.

  • Issue 1 (Dec 2012): Summary of Interview with Prof. Johannes Siegrist; Introduction to income & social protection; Introduction to early childhood.
  • Issue 2 (Aug 2013): The importance of early childhood health and development in the life course, The burden of mothers’ unpaid work on children’s well-being, Social inequalities in early childhood health and development: a European-wide systematic review, and more...
  • Issue 3 (Nov 2013): The importance of work and employment for health equity, Social inequalities, working conditions and health: evidence from cohort and intervention studies, Comments on the Keeping Work research led by UK homelessness charity Broadway, Work, income and health: the role of social security programmes, and The European Union, 'social Europe' and the macro-drivers of health.
  • Issue 4 (April 2014): The importance of social protection and income maintenance for health equity, Decomposing the effect of social protection on population health and inequalities, Interview with Prof. Joakim Palme, Financial hardship and stressful work: an unhealthy and cumulative burden, Children’s risk of poverty and implications for health and development in Europe, and more...
  • Issue 5 (July 2014):  Reflections on the advocacy work in DRIVERS, The private sector – does it have a role in reducing health inequalities?, Children as advocates for change, Case studies to expand the knowledge base for advocacy.
  • Issue 6 (January 2015): Overview of DRIVERS Case Studies, Summary of case studies in each area, The importance of early child development and early years programmes for health equity, Employment & working conditions case studies, Unemployment among graduate youths in Tenerife, Programme on Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition – DIATROFI.