Stockholms Universitet, Centre for Health Equity Studies (CHESS)

CHESS is a research institute devoted to understanding health inequalities, funded jointly by Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet since 2000 and having as its central feature an interdisciplinary approach. The Centre currently hosts approximately 30 highly qualified researchers with academic training in sociology, epidemiology, psychology and medical sciences and prides itself on its highly international staff and research collaborations.

As a key player in Sweden and Europe, CHESS has established and developed partnerships with other leading international research institutions to seek answers to challenging questions regarding health inequalities, particularly as they develop throughout the life course of individuals. CHESS researchers are continuously involved as international and national experts, advising both national and international political bodies in the field of health and social affairs. One example is the on-going WHO European Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide.

In DRIVERS, CHESS is responsible for research on Income, Welfare and Social Protection section, and will contribute actively to other areas of the consortium’s work.

Staff involved:

CHESS_Olle3-xx125Olle LUNDBERG: Professor of Health Equity Studies and Director of CHESS. Professor Lundberg has a background in sociology and has researched living conditions and health and inequalities for more than 25 years. He has participated in governmental committees, led the NEWS project, participated in the Marmot Review, is currently involved in EURO-GBD-SE and chairs a Task Group in the WHO Euro Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide.

CHESS_J_Fritzell3-xx125Johan FRITZELL: Johan Fritzell is Professor of Sociology at CHESS. A major focus in Fritzell’s work concerns comparative studies of poverty, income distribution and health inequalities. He was a member of the Swedish Welfare Commission, co-directed the NEWS project, is currently directing a Nordic project on inequality impacts and is a member of the board of the Luxembourg Income Study.

CHESS_Monica1-xx125Monica ÅBERG YNGWE: Has a PhD in Public Health Sciences from Karolinska Institute and works as a researcher at CHESS. Her research focuses on the relation between income and health, both in different contexts and possible mechanisms such as relative and consensual definitions of deprivation. She has also worked within the core group for the NEWS project.

Ola SJÖBERG: Professor of Sociology and Deputy Director at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI). His main research interests are comparative welfare state and labour market research. He currently manages a project on unemployment insurance and labour market processes.

Kenneth NELSON: Associate Professor of Sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University. Nelson has written on comparative social policy, income redistribution and poverty, and is currently co-directing a research project on intergenerational welfare contracts and a project on the construction of comparative social policy indicators.

Tommy FERRARINI: Associate Professor of Sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University. His main research interest is comparative analyses of the development of welfare state institutions. He has published a book on causes and consequences of family policies and recent journal articles on links between social policy, health and socio-economic conditions. He directs several research projects focusing on social policy institutions and outcomes.