Eurochild is a network of organisations and individuals promoting the rights and welfare of children and young people in Europe. Eurochild’s aim is to voice and promote the interests of children and young people in the European Union, particularly those who are vulnerable and exposed to poverty and social exclusion. The work of the network is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Early childhood development is amongst Eurochild’s priorities and Eurochild is particularly concerned with the quality, accessibility and affordability of early education and care services, family and parental support services and parental leave policies.

A specific thematic working group on early childhood education and care was established in 2008, with a view to disseminating research and best practice in the field of early years of education and care. The thematic workgroup also provides its members with an opportunity to influence policy at EU level.

Eurochild actively participates in the planning and content of DRIVERS meetings on Early Child Development, supports dissemination of project activities and results throughout the duration of the project, provides expert input based on members expertise and lastly, Eurochild will organise a final seminar at EU level involving policy makers, researchers and activists on early childhood development. These tasks will be supported by a multinational team of six Eurochild members.

Staff involved:

Eurochild-Jana-HAINSWORTH-125xxJana HAINSWORTH: Secretary General of Eurochild since January 2006. She has jointly edited reports on Ending Child Poverty in the EU, Valuing Children’s Potential – how children’s participation contributes to fighting child poverty and social exclusion, and Children in Alternative Care – National Surveys.


.Eurochild-Mafalda-Leal-e1338806860302-125xxMafalda LEAL: Senior Policy Coordinator for child rights at Eurochild and leading the thematic working group on early years’ education and care. Among other things, she has overseen Eurochild’s Members’ Exchange Seminar on Early Years Education and Care Ensuring quality: the path for early years in Europe and the role of community based services, and the Policy round Table on a European Quality framework for Early Years Education and Care services.

Eurochild-Monique-Kasteloot-xx125Monique KESTELOOT: Office Manager at Eurochild since June 2010. Duties include financial monitoring and assisting with financial reporting.



Third Parties:

Northern Ireland Early Years (Northern Ireland)

Children in Scotland (Scotland): Jacqueline Lamb

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work - University Cluj (Romania): Aliana Marcoci

Family, Child, Youth Association (Hungary): Maria Herczog